The Great Rock ‘N’ Roll Swindle

GRNRS French first pressingFrance, Matrixbest/Barclay 930101/02

1st press with different rear sleeve. Labels are yellow/pink (My copy has a note from Gavin saying ‘ very 1st cotton mispress’ I have no idea what this means, do you? If so, get in touch)

GRNRS French 3rd pressingFrance, Virgin 300278/9

3rd pressing. Tracks listed in 4 boxes as per UK **Tracks in 4 boxes remains a constant with all foreign pressings unless noted otherwise** Labels are yellow/yellow. Hi-gloss sleeve.

GRNRS French fourth pressingFrance, Virgin 60011

4th pressing. Labels same as 3rd. Hi-gloss sleeve.

GRNRS Portuguese first pressingPortugal, Virgin VV 33010/11 DN

Original pressing. Labels are yellow/yellow.

GRNRS Italian Original pressingItaly, Virgin 212510

Original pressing. Labels are yellow/red.

GRNRS Swedish 1st pressingSweden, Virgin VD2510

Original pressing. Complete with inner bags advertising Swedish artists. No colour swindle labels, labels are green/red. UK import sleeve with blue text story.

GRNRS Greek 1st pressingGreece, Virgin 2676718

1st press. UK import sleeve with tracks listed in 2 columns. Labels are yellow/red.

GRNRS Greek second pressGreece, Virgin / PolyGram 2676218

2nd press. Complete with Greek inner bags advertising popular artists. Labels are yellow/red.

GRNRS Greek 3rd pressingGreece, Virgin / EMI VG 50022

3rd press. No colour swindle labels. Labels are green/red. Came in Hi-gloss & matt sleeves.

GRNRS Greek 4th pressingGreece, Virgin / EMI VG 50022

Probably the 4th press. New grey labels. Sleeve is Hi-gloss