Greetings and thanks for taking the time to read this page. I have a fairly small (all things considered) collection of official Sex Pistols vinyl. I will be adding to this site as my collection grows, and hope one day, that this little piece of cyberspace can become a resource for new and experienced collectors alike. However, I am not made of money and cannot buy every single Pistols vinyl, especially the rare expensive stuff.

This is where you can help me.

User submissions are most welcome, and credit will be given on any and all submissions that I post on the site.

The format is as follows:

High quality macro (close up) photograph of the labels and front & rear sleeve, plus a small text description of any interesting features (for example copyright credits etc) Scans are acceptable but need to be of superior quality. Please use the contact button on the main page to submit

credit will be given on any and all submissions that I post on the site

Respect to John Esplen from vinylonthe.net for his advice and support in getting this site online.

What you will find in this site:

All official Sex Pistols vinyl that I own. That includes Albums, 7inches, 12inches, promos & related posters.

What you wont find on this site:

Bootlegs (I have neither the time, money nor inclination to collect them. They are quite confusing with all the various worldwide pressings, and the rarer ones are v expensive)

Over to you!!